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Church in Locri

Santa Caterina Church in Locri 2011
Picture taken by L. Pisecny

Locri, originally called as Epizephyrii Locri, was founded somewhere around 683 A.D. by the ancient Greek tribe known as Locrians. They used the name to differentiate themselves from the Greek city of Locris, which was named after the Greek King, Locrus.

The Locrians settled along the Ionian coast and eventually into Southern Italy. The group of colonies they formed became known as Magna Graecia, which translated from Latin means Greater Greece.

Locri moved location from its original settlement due to war and such and eventually moved to its present location where it became known as Gerace Marina. In 1934, the city was officially re named Locri and is now the administrative centre of the Locride area.

For a more complete history of the town of Locri, visit Salvatore LaRosa's amazing site: WWW.LOCRIANTICA.IT

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