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Births 1852 Last Updated 12 October 2008

Here you will find the extracted names of those born in Ardore, Reggio Calabria in the year 1852. I have tried to transcribe the records as best as possible but as with all things, mistakes can happen so use the indice above (*coming soon) to verify information searching by first names. I hope to eventually have the actually records online soon. Meanwhile, should you seem something that may interest you, please contact me and I will try to obtain that record for you. To report a broken link, or make a correction, please use the feedback form. *Please Note: Page is still under construction.

Born Surname Name Born Surname Name
3 Apr Seruci Angela Rosa 4 Apr ? Antonio Domenico
16 May Minici Antonio 17 Jun Cacia Antonia
4 Dec Tramartini Antonio Natale Franco 7 Mar Pelle Bruno Nicola
14 Apr Spatolisano Bruno Saverio Domenico - Musitano Bruno Francesco
- Spadafora Bruno - ? Bruno
1 Sep Zappavigna Bruno Giuseppe Ferdinando Vincenzo 15 Oct Dattilo Bruno
- Morabito Bruno Errigo 10 Nov Bruno Giuseppe Zappavigna
Sept Crisafi Bruno Maria 7 Dec Ripolo Bruno Antonio
16 Dec Todarello Bruno 1 Jun Marando Concetta
10 Jun ? Concetta Maria 21 Jun Zappavigna Catarina
29 Mar Spatolisano Concetta Maria 23 Aug Filippone Caterina
5 Nov Cristarella Concetta Maria 17 Nov Morabito Caterina
Dec Bova Catarina Maria 14 Dec Musitano Concetta Elisabetta
30 Sep ...siamo Domenico Francesco 12 Mar Frasea Domenica Rosaria Maria
17 Apr Todarello Domenico 26 Oct Armeni Domenico
17 Aug Zappavigna Elisabetta Bar.. Emilia Vincenza Carolina Carmela
- ? Elisabetta Maria Antonia ? Sollazzo Elisabetta Rosa
8 Feb Zappavigna Francesca Domenica 8 Feb Zappavigna Francesco Bruno
2 Apr Landro Francesco Vincenzo 22 Oct Pazzano Francesco
18 Nov Spano Francesco Nov Morabito Ferdinando Francesco
10 Jan Zappavigna Giuseppe 3 Feb - Giovanni Antonio
4 Feb Spano Giuseppe Saverio 10 Mar Prop Giuseppe Domenico
15 Dec ? Giuseppe 23 Mar Zappavigna Giuseppe Saverio
- Schirrpa Giuseppe 27 Mar Commisso Giuditta
15 Mar Sollazzo Giuseppe ? Spanó Giuseppe
- Primerano Giuseppa Concetta ? Napoli Giuseppa Rosaria
10 Apr Ma... Giuseppe 18 Apr Chiarantano Giuseppa Maria
- Marzano Giuseppa 2 May Nobile Giuseppa Sarafina
10 May Agostino Giuseppe Napoli Giuseppa
- Talladira Giuseppe 2 Jul Musitano Grazia Maria
10 Sep Minniti Giuseppe Maria Carlo Sep Chiricosta Giuseppe
30 Oct Procopio Giuseppe - Riano Giovanbatista Santo Saveri
30 Nov Sollazzo Giuseppe - Trimboli? Giovanni Vincenzo
6 - Leonardo Pasquale 1 Jan Trimboli Maria Rosa
2 Jan Macri Maria Rosa 11 Jan Riano Maria Caterina
16 Jan Raso Maria Anna 10 Feb Piscineri Maria Teresa
22 Feb Spanó Maria Sarafina 8 Mar - Maria Angelica
10 Apr Morabito Maria Michalina 16 Aug Zappia Maria Antonia
20 Aug Napoli Maria Antonia - Marzano Maria Rosa
- Cadespoti Maria Anna Rosaria Filomena - Todarello Maria Rosa
- M Maria Rosa Complete Complete Complete

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